Persona Collective produces site-specific, immersive and experiential performance work in a wide range of physical contexts in spaces from local businesses, pubs, clubs, public places and enigmatic locations. With the use of media, technology, film, lighting, set design and live performance, Persona augments the life of these places to tell site-specific stories that have foundations in reality. The result is a journey for the audience, in which they became the centre of the work, experiencing their actions inside a narrative where the real world collides with the absurd.


The project aims to develop a series of free performance-based community workshops that will culminate in a site-specific immersive theatre project at the Langham Club on Green Lanes. This working men’s club has been in the area for decades witnessing Harringay’s transformation from suburbia to a cultural hub. Due to the rapid development of other offerings, lack of members and an inability to attract the youth, the club now finds itself struggling to keep up with its surrounding context. At the same time, the young artist community in the area find themselves pushed out to this part of town and are struggling to keep up with soaring living-costs of London. This project is about creating regeneration through the simple bridging of communities. The lack of theatre spaces in Haringey also conveys the severity of the need for the contemporary and transformative arts, which fosters interaction between communities.

As one of the last surviving working men’s clubs in London, the Langham is the embodiment of an old English tradition. The project aims to empower the club to explore its potential as an arts destination and enrich its identity through creating new opportunities.

Our intergenerational theatre workshops involved members ranging from experience performers to people who had never acted before. This project is divided into three stages; we work with the two groups of adults (younger and in late/middle age) separately at first, running workshops to explore the attitudes, fears and misconceptions of each group. During the second stage we will incorporate the rehearsals with local professional actors and dancers. At the end of the process the three groups will work as one team on the final script and performance.