Persona is a new approach to immersive performance art in which community members and local professional artists will collaborate through site-specific urban research and creative workshops to develop stories inspired by Harringay. These stories will then be produced to unfold within the urban fabric of Green Lanes as a series of live events.

Persona aims to directly involve the community in the art-making process and live events. Each project will involve local business places that will become sites in which stories unfold. These ‘hosts’ will participate in the temporary transformation of their spaces through changes in lighting, sounds and set design. The traditional relationship with the audience will be questioned and in some case redefined to promote participation.

In the past, Persona has been engaged in several community-focused productions in Harringay such as the Unscene 199 Theatre & Arts Festival and the dance theatre production Outside Inside Out.

Persona is:

Rocío Ayllon (Artistic Director & Producer)

Elina Akhmetova (Choreographer)

Maria Armanda Gonçalves (Producer)

Vaskar Kayastha (Assistant Producer)

Jack Wates (Set Design & Production)

James Fowler (Assistant Scene Director)

Satu Streatfield (Lighting Designer & Urban Research)

Karolina Burlikowska (Photographer, Art Director & Producer)

Kerem Asforuglu (Lighting Designer)

Emma LD (Designer & Producer)

Antonio Beatriz (Sound Designer)

Emma LD & Rocio Ayllon (Styling)

Ruth Fitzsimons (Researcher & Radio Production)


Dr. Ruth Cherrington (Author, Historian and Researcher)

Candela Bustos (Dancer)

Megan Hatto (Dancer)

Performers & creators:

Justine Berthault

Charly Blackburn

Finn Boxer

Francesca Costa

Jo Danzig

Melanie Gautier

Emanuela Giacole

Michael Hall

Xi-Mali Kadeena-Guscoth

Valia Katsis

Sarah Kent

Tom Kim

Emma LD

Amy Mauvan

Lucrezia Pazi

Irene Sinou

Pauline Superville

Jean-Charles Wadja

James Fowler

Juan Sanchez Plaza

Megan Hatto


Louise Greenfield (Voice/Piano/Clarinet)

Finn Boxer (Voice/ Guitar/ Bass Guitar)

Xi-Mali Kadeena-Guscoth (Percussion)

Femi Oriogun-Williams (Voice/Percussion/Bass Guitar)