Time in here is different. It doesn’t move in one direction, steadily and reliably – it skips ahead abruptly, drags its feet, wanders lost in circles, retraces its steps, dances and lurches around you, playful and threatening. The space prickles with premonition, rings with hallucination.

The invisible threads of a thousand narratives glimmer and hum in this darkened labyrinth, leading you down paths that divide and multiply. Behind closed doors, in empty rooms and half-light corridors, the past flickers and unspools.

The old Lethaby dreams again.

“Experience is only an imperfect preliminary to memory”
W. Lethaby, Scripts and Scraps

Cast & Creators

Elina Akhmetova
Francesca Costa
Anna Fil
Mélanie Gautier
Emily George
Michael Hall
Valia Katsis
Tom Kim
Olga Lagun
Cameron Lee-Allen
Georgia Leefe
Charly Monreal
Sally Plowman
Daniel Seifu
Michael Sookhan
Jean-Charles Wadja


Rocio Ayllon - Artistic Director
Michael Hall - Assistant Director
Elina Akhmetova - Choreographer & Movement Director
Finn Boxer - Sound Designer & Technician
Karolina Burlikowska - Photographer
Satu Streatfield - Lighting Designer & Technician

Lighting Designers & Technicians

Laura Arroyo
Gaia Crocella
Steve Lowe
Luciana Martinez
Tom Wheeler
Alice Wilson

Set Designers

Emily George
Clary Montero
Alice Wilson
Emma Wilson


Emma LD
Clare McAndrew
Tom Wheeler
Alice Wilson

Graphic Design & Media

Emily George
Emma LD


Olga Lagun

Art Installations

Charly Blackburn
Jack Wates



The Koppel Project


White Light
Enliten Architectural Lighting
Mike Stoane Lighting
iGuzzini illuminazione

Audio Equipement

Shakespeare’s Globe

Lighting, Effects and Logistics Equipment

Shakespeare’s Globe


Phoebe BP


Putney Theatre Company


Holborn Association
Dragon Hall