Outside Inside-Out is a sequence of short stories with twisted connections; a work of magical realism that weaves together dreams and reality in a world of sound, light, space and vibration. Characters' depressions and anxieties manifest themselves in physical changes and reverberations in space, which in turn affect their moods and movements in a dynamic feedback loop.

Outside Inside-Out was the inaugural show of the black box ‘Exfed Theatre’ in Harringay’s Warehouse District. The performance was a dance theatre work, staged in a sound and light installation designed by artist Jack Wates. The space was conceived as an instrument comprised of translucent screens and a forest of thick elastic strings that were animated though dynamic lighting.

A live soundtrack of minimal psyche–rock was provided by the duet Marion Andrau and Mad-kid-Library. The set design evolved into the piece 'Watch Sound Hear Light Play’, an interactive sound and light installation developed by Jack Wates and Thomas Blackburn for the Brighton Digital Festival.

Performance & Choreography

Inda Pereda
Margherita Franceschi
Megan Hatto
Mor Jessica
Jesus Capel Luna
Sabrina Kelly
Misha Willowkin Crawford
Ivan Galvez Fuentes
Iante Roach
Margherita Polo


Rocio Ayllon - Artistic Direction
Jack Wates - Stage & Lighting Design
Alex Mead & Jack Wates - Carpentry & Construction
Thomas Blackburn - Sound & Light

Costume Design

Martha Welles


Marion Andrau - Drums
Daniel Raphael - Guitar


Alex Mead
Remy Lamont


Vaskar Kayastha

Sound Engineer

Joe Button


‘419 Chop Your $’ by Liberez